Live-Review auszug vom Konzert im AZ Aachen!

„… MOFABANDE i currently view as the best hardcore band bonn has currently to offer. no doubt about it. they just tore into their 25 songs set and ripped the place apart. the mixer eventually got something right. he just let the vocals go through the P.A. – none of the instruments….and look here, it sounded much much better. why not get it right in the first place? MOFABANDE were fantastic! watch out for this band. somebody please book these guys for the 2014 ruhrpott rodeo. they are a no thrills, no glamour old school hardcore punk band stripping everything to the bare bone and just letting you feel the sheer force of their very short songs. but they are long enough – they do not need to be epic pieces. sometimes 30 seconds are more powerful then a tune of 3 minutes. MOFABANDE are the future. go and see them every chance you got. i hope RABATZ can play with them again….“

Danke für die Blumen, Bobec!!!

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